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An asbestos refurbishment survey, as the name suggests, is required prior to any intrusive refurbishment works. They are used to locate and describe, as far as possible, all asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within a building or part of a building. By nature these types of survey are intrusive and, to a degree, destructive. For example, it is important to know what the insulation materials are in a wall cavity? These surveys are also undertaken in situations where destructive maintenance activities are required such as during boiler and heating works.

Asbestos refurbishment surveys are fully invasive and destructive. Our surveyors will use intrusive surveying techniques to inspect all areas of your building where required.

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Detailed scope of work

The key element to completing an accurate refurbishment survey is to have a detailed scope of works and confirmed proposed plans. This information is then used to form the extent of the survey. In addition to areas inspected within a management survey, areas hidden within the structure of the building will be accessed. Examples include, beneath carpets & floor coverings, within walls & ceilings, behind claddings & partitions and within loft & floor voids.

We’ll advise you on the preparations before a survey

Due to the destructive nature of these surveys, they should only be completed in unoccupied areas to minimise the risks to persons with the building. It is also good practice to remove all furniture and items from the areas whilst undertaking the survey. On completion of the survey, a visual examination and, if appropriate, reassurance air testing within the area of disturbance should be carried out. This will confirm that the surveyed areas are fit for reoccupation.


Free Asbestos Database

We have worked with our database provider to produce an easy to navigate online system that can be accessed via any web browser. There is no downloading software or apps and best of all there is no cost.

This is available for any client upon request.


The entire hospital was surveyed in such a professional manner, there were no issues and the survey was completed within the programme.
Asbestos Refurbishment Survey
– Bola Oso (Capital and Estates PM)


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