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Asbestos may be present within any building built up until the year 2000. With earlier developed land referred to as brownfield sites, asbestos may have become entrained in soil. This is usually as a result of historical demolition activities where asbestos had not been fully removed from buildings prior to their demolition. Asbestos containing materials may have been buried whole or broken up with other demolition wastes at the site. Contaminated wastes may also have been brought to the site in the form of recycled aggregate. Asbestos may also be encountered on greenfield sites or sites which appear not to have been developed. This might only be expected where there is strong suspicion that asbestos waste has been disposed of on the site.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 along with existing and historical Approved Codes of Practices (ACoPs) and guidance materials primarily have focused on the risk of asbestos in buildings. Until recently there hasn’t been any specifically focused guidance relating to asbestos in soils. This has led to a general lack of knowledge of the risks in this area.

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Identifying asbestos in soils

Initially a desktop study should be undertaken to identify historical events at the site. The desk top study will look for previous usage of the site, buildings past and present paying partial attention to know construction and demolition dates. The purpose of the desktop study outline the requirements and strategy for any site investigations.

What next for our asbestos in soil survey?

Site investigations are designed to confirm if asbestos is present, material type, asbestos fibre type, percentage of asbestos in the sample from ACMs, percentage of asbestos in the sample as unbound fibres and the total percentage of asbestos in the sample. This is achieved by undertaking zoned inspections in grid formations across the surface of the land. Where further investigations are required the use of trial pits, boreholes and trenches are utilised.

Due to the intrusive nature of these types of investigations air testing can be undertaken to evaluate the risk of asbestos exposure.


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Acorn have the training, expertise and competence to deal with all asbestos issues from asbestos in buildings through to contaminated land. Acorn provide completely independent best practice advice to clients. We can assist a client through an entire process from due diligence, surveys, remedial and management of asbestos.


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Asbestos in Soil
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