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Asbestos repair and encapsulation can be utilised to manage and prolong the life of your asbestos containing materials. It is not always necessary to remove asbestos from its current location, in fact the Health and Safety Executive recommend that it is left in situ and managed as long as it is in a good condition. Asbestos removal can be an expensive exercise to undertake and asbestos repair or encapsulation can be a good alternative to help you comply with legislation and manage your budget more efficiently.

Any asbestos repair and encapsulation works that you have carried out must be undertaken by competent and qualified contractors who hold the requisite insurances and licenses. The contractor must also have a provision for disposal of the waste arising from the works; even though they will not be removing your asbestos, the equipment (such as overalls) that is used during the work must be disposed of as asbestos waste due to the likelihood of asbestos contamination.

Usually, air monitoring is required as part of an asbestos repair and encapsulation project for reassurance purposes before, during and after the works have been completed. The air monitoring must be undertaken by an independent analytical laboratory that is UKAS accredited.

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Services we can provide to help you with your asbestos related project

  • Provision of quotations from approved and trusted contractors
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What you need to know about asbestos repair and encapsulation

Asbestos repair and encapsulation projects fall into three categories:

  • Non Licensed Asbestos Work
  • Notifiable Non Licensed Asbestos Work
  • Notifiable Licensed Asbestos Work

Regardless of the category, the asbestos contractor must be competent to undertake the work, the employees must hold appropriate training certificates and be able to prove competence for the tasks they are planning to undertake.

They must also hold appropriate and sufficient insurances for the tasks they will be undertaking. As a general rule, the majority of insurance policies specifically exclude working with asbestos. This can leave both you and the contractor open to litigation if works do not go according to plan as the requisite cover is not in place..


Notifications the contractor must complete

  • Non Licensed Asbestos Work – Generally does not require notification although it may depend on the specific project details
  • Notifiable Non Licensed Asbestos Work – Notification is required to the HSE prior to work commencing
  • Notifiable Licensed Asbestos Work – Notification is required to the enforcing authority a minimum of 14 days prior to works commencing
    In addition to all of the above and regardless of category, the works will require a risk assessment covering all site risks that maybe encountered during the works.
  • This assessment is then used as the basis of a site specific plan of work, method statement, which details exactly:
  • How the works will be undertaken
    • By whom
    • When
    • What actions must be undertaken and followed to reduce the risks identified

Disposing of hazardous waste safely

Waste disposal is another major part of the project. It is vital that all asbestos is packaged appropriately and transported by registered carriers to an appropriate asbestos registered waste site.

The staff carrying out transportation of the asbestos waste need to be competent and must provide consignment notes covering the waste whilst it is in transit and after completion of disposal at the relevant licensed landfill site.

A license to work with asbestos is required if the project or the material falls into the licensed category. Work in this category is usually subject to a 14 day notification to the enforcing authority prior to works being allowed to commence. The company undertaking this type of work must hold a license that has been granted by the Health and Safety Executive. Companies carrying out notifiable asbestos work are subject to health surveillance of their employees and also record keeping of the nature, duration and likely exposures to asbestos. The regulations state that these health records must be kept for a minimum of 40 years.


Since working with Acorn they have exceeded the council’s expectations with their high standards and innovative working methods.
Asbestos Repair and Encapsulation
– Fiona Price (Asbestos Officer)


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