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Asbestos surveys that move you to 100% asbestos compliance once and for all

We are helping Property Managers, Estate Managers, and Compliance Managers to achieve 100% asbestos compliance without delays, reputation damage and business disruption.

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If you are a property manager, estate manager or compliance manager, our asbestos surveys will help you quickly achieve 100% asbestos compliance.

Maybe you have been stung by significant legal and financial repercussions from not addressing asbestos issues properly. Or perhaps your organisation's reputation has been damaged due to asbestos-related incidents.

Or maybe you've even had to deal with business disruption due to unexpected asbestos discoveries during renovations or maintenance work.

And look, we get it, it's not fair.

The truth is, you’re not alone, it seems most property managers, estate managers, and compliance managers are becoming a victim of these same issues when trying to get 100% asbestos compliance.

That feeling of anxiety, uncertainty, and frustration? We know it all too well. It's like walking through a minefield, waiting for the next disaster to strike.

Here’s what most don’t realise: The costs of dealing with asbestos are set to double in the near future. Asbestos-related issues are not going away - they're only getting more expensive.

And now with the possibility of red tape increasing at an unprecedented rate, achieving asbestos compliance is only getting harder.

It seems most are left in a state of constant fear and stress, worrying about the financial and legal consequences of not meeting asbestos compliance.

This just shows that you would be wise to do something different to get 100% asbestos compliance and stop the pain and frustration.

That’s exactly why I want you to consider that there is a new way for you to get 100% asbestos compliance.

A new way that means you can avoid unnecessary legal troubles, protect your reputation, and avoid disruption to your business.

Ultimately and possibly for the first time, a way to get 100% asbestos compliance and feel confident that your property is safe and legally compliant.

So if you are a property manager, estate manager, or compliance manager and are tired of legal repercussions and reputation damage among other common problems.

Then we urge you to click the button below to Get A Quote so that you can finally start to get 100% asbestos compliance with the new way to deliver asbestos surveys.

About Acorn

Asbestos Awareness Training

At Acorn Analytical Services, we're not just about asbestos management.

We're about delivering peace of mind to our clients. From Property Managers to Compliance Managers, we work with a wide range of professionals across the UK, providing asbestos surveys that are both comprehensive and easy to understand.

We're a friendly team of experienced asbestos professionals who have been in your shoes. We understand the complexities and challenges of achieving asbestos compliance and that's why we've dedicated ourselves to making the process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

When you choose Acorn, you're choosing a team that cares about your compliance and your peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve 100% asbestos compliance.

Our Offices:

Northampton, Wolverhampton, London, Cleckheaton

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Kae Savage (KB)Kae Savage (KB)
18:59 13 Feb 24
Very friendly company to deal with.
Jody ThomasJody Thomas
16:49 01 Feb 24
Acorn were really helpful with all my asbestos needs, would highly recommend using them for any service!
Laura HLaura H
13:50 29 Jan 24
I called Acorn to have some suspect Artex ceiling sampled. The contracts manager David Kelsey called me back within the hour as promised and arranged for the sample to be taken and analysed. Received the results in 24 hours which thankfully was negative.Very happy with the prompt, efficient service!!
D FearnleyD Fearnley
12:56 29 Jan 24
Acorn can get you from whatever stage you are at now to complete asbestos compliance, highly recommended
Viviana PistaViviana Pista
12:18 29 Jan 24
You can't find a better Asbestos company in UK!
Michael HarleyMichael Harley
17:34 27 Jan 24
Can’t recommend high enough do a top job. Sian is a pleasure to work with
Carrie-Anne MasonCarrie-Anne Mason
16:53 25 Jan 24
I used Acorn Analytical Services when we were looking to purchase a house and potential asbestos was raised on the survey. I spoke to Sian who was really knowledgeable and friendly and she got someone out to do an inspection. The report was sent back quickly and was clear in its findings. I wouldn't hesitate using them again in the future and would highly recommend them!
Ben WebsterBen Webster
15:51 05 Jan 24
Acorn arranged for the asbestos roof to my shed to be removed. Their contracts manager David Kelsey explained the process clearly and kept my partner and I informed and reassured throughout the process. The asbestos was removed and disposed of safely for a reasonable cost. I would certainly recommend them.
Saagar KalelkarSaagar Kalelkar
10:47 26 Nov 23
I didn't get the opportunity to fully utilise their service but upon further interactions with them, they resolved my concerns to satisfaction. I've reflected my rating on how they handled the matter. And simply based on this I would happily recommend or use them in future.
Russell BrewsterRussell Brewster
15:25 27 Oct 23
Fantastic from start to finish. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again or recommend.
Deborah CookDeborah Cook
14:17 18 Jul 23
Prompt, friendly, polite and discrete. Fast results within a couple of days. Highly recommend A+
zeynep guzelkasapzeynep guzelkasap
11:27 13 Jul 23
Nathon FreezerNathon Freezer
13:43 12 Jul 23
Amazing company with a great depth of knowledge.
Kristína ŠurgotováKristína Šurgotová
07:27 12 Jul 23
Sara TSara T
15:31 11 Jul 23
Great company all round 🙂
Catherine AllenCatherine Allen
15:33 11 Jan 23
Acorn organised my survey really quickly and got the results back to me within a week. The surveyor was really lovely and explained the testing process to me in a thoughtful way - they really gave me peace of mind about the safety of my home. I'd recommend using them if you're thinking about buying a house with artex ceilings and you're concerned about safety - their testing is non-invasive, reasonably priced, and the results are quick. Thank you Acorn!
John MarconiJohn Marconi
11:18 12 Oct 20
Great service throughout. These guys are super knowledgeable and have put my mind at rest. The report was supplied quickly and was in depth. Would highly recommend Acorn Analytical Services!
Adrian JenkinsonAdrian Jenkinson
13:11 23 Sep 20
Great service - I had an asbestos survey booked and I was worried it would be very intrusive. Richard from Acorn helped me understand the survey would be very sympathetic and would not destroy the habitation of the building.Becky was our surveyor - Becky was very thorough, professional and cognizant of what we required in the report.We received the report very quickly and was detailed as excepted.Happy to recommend Acorn Services to anyone who needs their services
Anthony ShanksAnthony Shanks
09:15 17 Sep 20
Fantastic experience with Acorn, the surveyor was very professional and friendly. He had a good knowledge which he shared with me to help me understand asbestos better and put my mind at ease. He collected samples safely and was happy to take as many as needed. Customer service from the head office was also great ringing me and having a friendly chat soon after I put in the quote request. Easy to understand and professional documentation was emailed to me explaining everything. Highly recommend using this company!
Julie BlackburnJulie Blackburn
15:58 22 May 17
Acorn saved my life! Whilst doing DIY I thought damaged some asbestos.Acorn were on site in the hour and analysed the sample straight away, they also gave me a clean air certificate which put my mind at ease.

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This means that you can quickly connect with our experienced team and discuss your asbestos compliance needs so that you can make the first step towards peace of mind.

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So that you can schedule a convenient time for our asbestos survey, putting you on a direct path towards achieving 100% asbestos compliance.

Get 100% Asbestos Compliance:

This means that you'll have a comprehensive asbestos report that aligns with legal guidelines, providing you the confidence and assurance of running a safe and compliant property.

If you are a property manager, estate manager or a compliance manager, then our asbestos surveys will help you quickly get

100% asbestos compliance.



The new way to get 100% asbestos compliance - our process "ASAFE"



We conduct a thorough analysis of your property, detecting the presence of any asbestos. This means you're finally in control, aware of any asbestos materials present within your property.


Our accredited, experienced and competent surveyors inspect your property, providing a detailed asbestos report. This gives you a clear picture, eradicating any uncertainty and fear around the issue.


We offer practical advice on managing, encapsulating, repairing or removing asbestos, based on your asbestos survey results. This helps you take the right action, reducing your risk of legal non-compliance and reputational harm.


We can coordinate any necessary follow on requirements from management plans to remediation work, whether that's encapsulating the asbestos or arranging safe removal. This means you can focus on what you do best, managing your properties.


We can provide you with an asbestos management plan and ongoing support to ensure your full compliance with the law. This allows you to relax, knowing that your properties are safe and legally compliant.

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What you get with our Asbestos Surveys...

To get 100% Asbestos Compliance with our Asbestos Surveys, just click the button below to Get A Quote -

when you do, here's what you will get...

Unlimited asbestos sample collection and analysis.

 We don't limit our service. If there's a need to take a sample, we take it. This ensures thorough analysis and effective management of asbestos within your property.


Clear and accessible reporting.

This means that you won't have to wrestle with complex documents or jargon-filled reports. Instead, you'll receive easy-to-understand, transparent reports that help you grasp your property's asbestos situation fully.


Access to Acorn Asbestos Antidote

This is the UK’s only fully documented and systemised asbestos management process. It guarantees a comprehensive, systematic approach to asbestos management, ensuring no stone is left unturned.


Free asbestos client portal

 This offers you easy access to all your asbestos information in one secure, online location. Perfect for maintaining an organised and easily accessible asbestos management system.


Free asbestos remediation consultation & advice

 We're not just about identifying problems. We're also here to help you fix them. Our team offers expert advice on the next steps after asbestos identification.


Detailed asbestos register

 This provides a comprehensive record of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your property, supporting you in staying ahead of potential risks.


Ongoing support and advice

We don’t abandon you after the survey. You'll have access to our expert team for support and advice, ensuring you stay compliant with all asbestos regulations.

Where Acorn Analytical Services Stands Out

Asbestos Podcast

Hosts of the UK's Number 1 Asbestos podcast

Two of Acorn's Directors Neil Munro & Ian Stone, are the Hosts of the UK's Number 1 Asbestos podcast. We won’t abandon you after the survey. You'll have access to our expert team for support and advice, ensuring you stay compliant with all asbestos regulations.

Antidote image

Only company offering access to Acorn Asbestos Antidote

The UK’s only fully documented and systemised asbestos management process. A proven, reliable system that helps you navigate the compliance process.

MPs want asbestos to be removed from public and commercial buildings within the next 40 years.

We maintain our independence from asbestos contractors

This means we work solely for you, giving unbiased advice that serves your best interests.

Book Your strategy call

 We offer a Comprehensive Support Service

From the moment you engage with us, you have a partner committed to supporting you on your journey to 100% asbestos compliance.


In-house UKAS Accredited Laboratories

Our in-house UKAS Accredited Laboratories ensure accurate, reliable results, speeding up the compliance process not relying on outsourced third-party companies.

nationwide coverage

UK Nationwide Coverage

With offices in Northampton Wolverhampton, London and Cleckheaton, we have a nationwide presence. This means wherever you are in the UK, we are here to help you.

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You Are 100% Protected With Our "ACT" Promise



We promise you that we take full responsibility for helping you achieve 100% asbestos compliance.



We promise to provide clear, concise communication throughout the asbestos management process. No jargon, no confusion.



We promise to deliver a service you can trust, upheld by our years of experience, industry recognition, and countless satisfied clients.

UKAS accredited asbestos surveys


Below we've outlined some commonly asked questions about asbestos surveys.

UKAS accredited sample analysis
Asbestos surveyor
Here for you on Safety and Health at Work Day and every day
Are you doing everything you can be to be asbestos-safe?
Trainee Asbestos Analyst
Asbestos reinspection

Step 1: Get A Quote

This means you begin the journey towards a safer and more secure property, providing peace of mind for everyone involved.


Step 2: Get Booked In

This ensures you have the team at Acorn Analytical Services working with you so that you can swiftly move towards compliance.


Step 3: Get Asbestos Compliant

This means that you will have met all safety standards and legal requirements, ensuring the safety of everyone at your property.


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