Carlisle Housing Association Admits Asbestos Failings

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A housing association in Carlisle has admitted serious failings with regards to asbestos. Riverside Housing has advised they have no idea how many of their properties contain asbestos. Best estimates are around 3,000 which is half of it 6,000 property portfolio.

Asbestos was extensively used within the construction industry throughout the UK from the 1930s through to the mid-1980s. It wasn’t until 1999 that it was finally banned. As such most house built or repaired in this period may contain some asbestos.

As such Riverside Housing predict approximately 50 per cent of their stock has some asbestos.

The majority of Riverside’s homes are those it inherited through stock transfer from Carlisle city council. Riverside have stressed that although half of it’s housing stock is suspected to contain asbestos, they believe the materials do not pose a significant risk. They advise “If asbestos material is undisturbed and undamaged it is safe and should be left alone.”

Riverside has an asbestos register, which records areas where the company has discovered asbestos in properties while it has been undertaking works.

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