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Assess The Risk Of Asbestos Exposure

These assessments are required by the regulations and should not be confused with the material risk assessments which are contained within asbestos survey reports.

These risk assessments are referred to as priority risk assessments. Priority risk assessments help the duty holder (Client) determine the likely risk of people being exposed to asbestos fibre from the asbestos materials present within their buildings.

A priority risk assessment assesses the likelihood of an asbestos material being disturbed. In other words, what’s the risk of someone being exposed to asbestos fibre from that material?

This assessment will help prioritise actions that may be required to manage your asbestos.

The priority assessment should be completed by someone who has good knowledge of the building, its use and occupancy.

These assessments can be completed by an asbestos surveyor, however, the “dutyholder” i.e., the person responsible, should ensure these assessments are as accurate as possible.

Priority risk assessments are determined by using a simple algorithm set out in HSE guidance document HSG227 A comprehensive guide to Managing Asbestos in premises.

The priority risk assessment takes into account the following factors:

Occupant Activity - What type of activities are completed within the area?

 Likelihood of Disturbance - How easily will the material be damaged based on its location, accessibility and size?

Human Exposure Potential - The scale of how many people will potentially be exposed to the material, how often and for how long.

 Maintenance Activity - What types of maintenance activities are likely to happen within the area of the material and how frequent they are? Meaning, how likely is the material to be damaged by routine maintenance works?

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