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Asbestos Knowledge Empire

The Property Managers Lifeline to Asbestos Management.

Join two of Acorn's Directors, best-selling authors and asbestos experts Ian Stone and Neil Munro as they educate, guide and take the complication out of asbestos management.

Get the information you need to help manage your asbestos risk.

"Remember asbestos first, not last" - Neil Munro and Ian Stone.

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If you’re looking for help or just want to get involved in the asbestos conversation, come and join us at the Asbestos Knowledge Empire Facebook Community page.

There you will get direct access to Neil, Ian and other asbestos experts from the Acorn team.

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  • Hosts are GreatAsbestos Podcast 1
    by PrE 57 from United States

    These guys know what they are talking about. If you are looking to learn about asbestos or are in the asbestos business, this is the podcast to listen to!

  • Great resource!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by matthew R NINE T from United Kingdom

    Simply the only resource you will need to manage asbestos.

  • Easy and useful information.Asbestos Podcast 1
    by EVAN8plus from United Kingdom

    I've always found asbestos documents hard to read, this just makes it so easy to get the information I need. Thanks guys!

  • Amazing & usefulAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Proud Salt 4 Life from United Kingdom

    This is a must listen to any property manager.

  • The best podcast out there!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by treyhi17 from United Kingdom

    I'm an asbestos nerd, although the presenters have simplified the language and made it easier for joe public to understand, there's still some good stuff on here for me!

  • I thought asbestos was simple!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by Meanie 2012 from United Kingdom

    I've done a few health and safety inspections in my time, and to be honest most podcasts about it are pretty dull. These guys are great, normal and informative and in such an important area like asbestos.

  • InsightfulAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Chris J Roberts from United Kingdom

    Brilliant no nonsense advice and insights in plain english. Top stuff!

  • Great host!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by Big.Max.MC from United States

    Thank you for being such a great host!! Would recommend this podcast to anyone who loves to know about asbestos. We will definitely listen to it every day.

  • I'm so stoked I found this show!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by anonymous_bachelor from United Kingdom

    I never knew some of this stuff, scary to think. Thanks for your guidance on this subject!

  • Well worth a listenAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Jonathan Saunders from United Kingdom

    Great podcast, packed full of good stuff.

  • Great PodcastAsbestos Podcast 1
    by cdlab from United Kingdom

    If you’re looking to get your head around asbestos and managing it you need to listen to Ian & Neil. This is a very infoirmative Podcast.

  • Keep it upAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Heathersce from United Kingdom

    A boring subject actually turned interesting and very useful

  • InsightfulAsbestos Podcast 1
    by SemparSteve from United Kingdom

    If this is or isn’t your specialist subject these guys are knowledgeable and insightful, very professional!

  • Asbestos with attitudeAsbestos Podcast 1
    by claire pink r from United Kingdom

    Really informative and enjoy listening to it presented in this format! Good listen

  • Very informative podcast!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by R Crockett from United Kingdom

    This podcast was very informative and is ideal for anyone who has any issues with asbestos or just generally wants to learn more about asbestos.

  • A must for all property managers!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by Wigglyfox from United Kingdom

    Clear and concise asbestos info from experts in the industry. So much easier than reading asbestos legislation!

  • BrilliantAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Mary Penguins from United Kingdom

    Really informative podcast, easy to understand, packed full of knowledge

  • Thank youAsbestos Podcast 1
    by PIXIcreativeworld from United Kingdom

    Asbestos regs and requirements made simple and easy to understand. Great job!

  • Really informative...Asbestos Podcast 1
    by Charlie_Hutton from United Kingdom

    Great podcast, and essential listening for anyone in property or construction management. There's some really good banter between the two hosts too, which makes for easy listening.

  • A must listenAsbestos Podcast 1
    by JamesCollinsj from United Kingdom

    If you're looking for some really useful info about asbestos, this is a must listen.

  • Love it, give it a go!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by AustinB1987 from United Kingdom

    I thought asbestos would be a boring subject but this podcast is actually really interesting.

  • ReallyAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Ryanbusinessman from United Kingdom

    Great insight into asbestos management

  • Helped with a scout hut!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by BigT 101 from United Kingdom

    I have been involved with a scout group and needed to understand asbestos before appointing professionals. A mate of mine is also doing up an old boat and I reckon there’s some of the stuff in there - so again thanks! Maybe not the most glamorous of subjects but not come across anything nearly as good anywhere else, made what I thought was going to be a grind interesting. Now that’s a talent! Cheers fellas, Tony

  • Who would have thought Asbestos would be so interestingAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Drewbloodys from United Kingdom

    Yes I have said it. These guys impart their knowledge in the subject in an interesting & informative manner. Whether you in the property management sector or just interested to know more about the subject, this is the podcast for you.

  • Asbestos knowledge empireAsbestos Podcast 1
    by P Knights from United Kingdom

    Brilliant easy discussions can’t wait for the next one.

  • One for all the property managers out thereAsbestos Podcast 1
    by ebduddy from United Kingdom

    Clear; to the point; easy to understand; informative; words I think of having listened and subscribed. If you’re responsible for managing asbestos in your property portfolio, this is something you need to listen to.

  • Great PodAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Jurgen Klopper from United Kingdom

    Great pod, on all things asbestos

  • A one stop shop for all asbestos knowledge.Asbestos Podcast 1
    by Mr Sheldon from United Kingdom

    Educational and useful insight from industry experts.

  • AsbestosAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Sam and kelly from United Kingdom

    Really informative and helpful podcast to understand asbestos.

  • Best podcast ever!Asbestos Podcast 1
    by Scarter86 from United Kingdom

    Really great podcast about asbestos! Have learnt so much!

  • For property and construction managersAsbestos Podcast 1
    by theresonlyones from United Kingdom

    Podcast for property and construction managers to learn about asbestos.

  • Great infoAsbestos Podcast 1
    by Neil_J_M from United Kingdom

    If you’re looking to get your head around asbestos and managing it you need to listen to this podcast.