Asbestos Awareness Training – the importance of practising what we preach

Asbestos Awareness Training

At Acorn, we work hard to educate everyone about the dangers of asbestos.

One of the ways we do this is through our UKATA accredited Asbestos Awareness training courses.

Being a UKATA Approved Training Provider not only demonstrates that Acorn Analytical Services is committed to delivering the highest standard of asbestos training, it also means that our trainers have to ensure that their knowledge is always up to date and that everything we teach is in accordance with the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation.

What is Asbestos Awareness Training?

The Asbestos Awareness training we provide is designed to help protect workers and employees from being exposed to asbestos fibre whilst carrying out their normal everyday work. It does not qualify or prepare employees to work on or with asbestos, but it helps them to know how to avoid disturbing asbestos and being exposed. It also helps them to fully understand just what asbestos is, where it is used, why it is hazardous and what to do in an emergency if someone is exposed to asbestos.

Who needs to undertake Asbestos Awareness Training?

Our training is suitable for all employees whose work could potentially expose them to asbestos. This could include maintenance staff; electricians, plumbers and gas fitters; painters, decorators, joiners and plasterers; demolition and construction workers; roofing contractors; heating, ventilation and telecommunication engineers; fire and burglar alarm installers; architects and building surveyors; shopfitters and many more.

This is why, when we have a new team member join the business, they also undertake our training courses and achieve their Asbestos Awareness Training certificates.

Leading by example

This month, three members of our team are celebrating passing their courses and gaining their certificates.

Max Wright, who joined the team as a Business Development Executive in March, Asbestos Report Writer Jody Thomas and Administrator Sarah York all took the time to study in the classroom-based training and learn more about asbestos and the associated risks of working with it.

Even though asbestos was banned for use in construction more than 20 years ago, because so many buildings are more than 20 years of age, it still poses a massive risk, not just to workers, but the general public too. In fact, asbestos remains the world’s biggest workplace killer, putting people at risk from fatal diseases, such as mesothelioma, on a daily basis.

This is why we are passionate about providing face-to-face UKATA Asbestos Awareness training. Put simply, it educates people on asbestos, promotes asbestos safety and ultimately helps to save lives.

What is UKATA?

UKATA (United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association) is a not for profit authority leading the way for asbestos training. Established in 2008, the organisation is now recognised across the industry as the most influential and well-known asbestos training association.

UKATA is renowned for the high standards upheld by its members in delivering useful and relevant asbestos training in line with all current Health and Safety Executive Legislation.

If you would like further information or advice on asbestos and asbestos training, contact the Acorn Analytical Services team today on 0844 818 0895 or use the 
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Acorn is a professional asbestos consultancy helping organisations deal with asbestos compliance using asbestos surveysasbestos air testing, and asbestos removal management.

We offer face to face classroom based asbestos awareness training, which is fully interactive. Ask unlimited questions of your industry expert trainers, who all have more than 10 years experience in the asbestos industry. All our trainers are UKATA approved and will ensure you fully understand all requirements.

Please call one of the team, or use the online form to obtain your free quotation. 

Neil Munro

I work in a dual role at Acorn Analytical Services focused primarily on growing and leading the business from our Northampton office base. My focus is on overseeing all sales, marketing and financial activities from Northampton. I assist clients with high-level asbestos management strategies and training. Together with Ian Stone I host our weekly podcast – Asbestos Knowledge Empire and I'm Co-author of Asbestos The Dark Arts and Fear and Loathing of Health and Safety.

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