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Taking you from a place of non-compliance with risk of asbestos exposure, prosecution and fines.


To full compliance which prevents exposure, prevents prosecution and keeps you and your building occupants safe.


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You see, the thing is in today’s busy world most people have 101 things already on their plate and asbestos is something that is piled on and often overlooked. This has become apparent to all those people and businesses that have been fined and prosecuted for asbestos failings.

It's not through a lack of wanting to make sure people are safe from the dangers of asbestos its often not having the time or knowledge required to A) Stop people being exposed and B) Having the time to implement everything.

Asbestos is a minefield and can be a painful process to try and implement yourself. This is why we exist
as a business to help those that really do want to get everything straight and remove that asbestos headache.

This is why we have invented the ACORN ASBESTOS ANTIDOTE©.

It’s the only fully documented and systemised asbestos management process in the UK.

This asbestos compliance system is an A – Z process that takes you from non-compliance through to full
asbestos compliance so that you are fully legal inline with the government's rules, regulations and law. After completing the 5-stage process you will no longer have to worry about your asbestos management or what to do when you get visits from your Health and Safety Inspector.

The process is fully laid out to follow in a step by step and pragmatic manner with your asbestos consultant forging the way for you.

There are 5 stages to go through which ensures that all bases are covered and that all boxes are ticked.

But this is no box-ticking exercise, there is lots of work to be completed but the good news is that your asbestos consultant will be doing the majority of the work.

They will just need your valuable input to gather information, agree a process and then assist when rolling the completed asbestos management process to your staff and teams.

You can take back control of your day to day, you can get on with the things you want to do knowing
that the asbestos issue is no longer an issue for you.


Only you can truly know the answer to that question. Most people do have doubts over systems and fears that their contractors are not doing things properly. Some have even identified flaws in processes but don’t know how to solve the issues.

A lot of people also inherit asbestos management as part of their job but they have never been trained and just do not know where to begin. You may be an asbestos expert but don’t have the time to deal with everything as it should be dealt with.

Where do you fit on this scale?

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Acorn Asbestos Antidote 2..


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Stage 1 - Diagnosis

You get to finally understand exactly where you currently are at with asbestos management.

Stage 2 - Identification

You get to see the exact results and the asbestos risks facing your business.

Stage 3 - Treatment

Everything gets taken care of at this stage and your concerns are finally removed.

Stage 4 - Education

The process is rolled out to everyone and this again reduces your risk and exposure.

Stage 5 - Annual Check-up

This is where you can finally prove everything is working and the weight can be finally lifted off of your shoulders.

Through each step of the process, you gain another level of confidence and get to prove that everything is in place.

You get to finally have the confidence in your asbestos management.

You will get more time back that you can spend on the things you should be and that you want to do.


You will be joining the ranks of lots of other businesses that have moved from a point of pain to a point of asbestos freedom.

This process removes all unknows and presents the ultimate answer to asbestos management.

Have you ever worried about the asbestos risks?

Have you ever been at home sitting and thinking about your problems at work?

Have you ever not known where to turn or what to do next?

By the end of this process, you will have the answers to all of these and so much more.

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