Asbestos Surveys at the Viridian Housing – A Case Study

Below you will find details of our project around delivering asbestos surveys for the Viridian Housing.

Case Study - Viridian Housing

Viridian Housing is a housing association providing social housing to over 30,000 residents spanning across London and the South East, the Midlands and West Sussex.

They have around 16,000 homes and work in partnership with local authorities, organisations and residents to create safe, sustainable communities.
Acorn Analytical Services assist Viridian with asbestos surveys and reinspections within their properties.


Asbestos Surveys and Reinspections

Out of their property portfolio Acorn regularly assist Viridian with over 1200 reinspections per year, additionally we undertake surveys and also air monitoring as and when required.

The way the process works with Viridian is monthly property allocations are made by the client which is passed onto the administration team. Acorns dedicated Viridian administration team then work through the data by calling and booking timed appointments with tenants.

Meeting the customers requirements

Unlike other service providers Acorn’s appointments are provided as exact times so the tenants know when our teams will arrive. This is much harder to organise for us, however from the customer service point of view this is the best possible service that can be achieved.

We have found that using time specific appointments has meant that missed appointments are rarer because we both make a mutual commitment.


Reports and Data

For everything we undertake we provide a full written report to Viridian. However, as they are such a large organisation they also have their own property management system which is used for all property management requirements. Every week we undertake a full data export from our system of the works that have been completed, this is then imported into the Viridian system so they always have up to date information available within the report and their own system.


Since working with Acorn they have exceeded the council’s expectations with their high standards and innovative working methods.
Case Study - Viridian Housing
– Fiona Price (Asbestos Officer)