Asbestos sampling through to demolition surveys with SDC – A Case Study

Below you will find details of a number of asbestos projects undertaken with SDC.

Case Study - SDC

SDC is a £150m turnover business based in Bedford whose main business is the main projects division. The main projects offer a range of services including Estimating, Planning/Programming, Construction Management and Safety Consultancy.
Acorn have assisted SDC on several projects by carrying out surveys, air monitoring and project management.


Range and varied asbestos projects

SDC’s client list is impressive with varying types of sites and projects being undertaken. Acorn have been employed to assist with some of their projects at the varying sites. Each has required a different level of expertise from basic sampling and advice through to full demolition surveys and even soil sampling.

Full asbestos consultancy provided

Two notable projects Acorn have assisted SDC with have been to undertake a large refurbishment survey at Rothamstead Research Centre and also a demolition survey at Cambridge Consultants Ltd.

The refurbishment survey at Rothamstead was undertaken prior to the complete upgrade of offices and laboratories. The building previously had upgrades and work undertaken which made the survey difficult to gauge as the building wasn’t uniform in sample locations. Every room had to be surveyed on its own merits to fully identify everything that required sampling. The survey took a few days to complete however once finished a full picture was able to be presented to the project team so they could plan their works accordingly.


An asbestos demolition survey

The demolition survey at the Cambridge Consultants site again was a complex survey which had to be majorly intrusive. The surveying team spent a week on site accessing all parts of the building structure. This was similar to the Rothamstead project as various upgrades had been undertaken within the building which made it not uniform in its construction. The survey identified various sampling locations which could have easily been missed by less competent teams. The demolition proceeded following on from the survey and was completed satisfactorily.


Since working with Acorn they have exceeded the council’s expectations with their high standards and innovative working methods.
Case Study - SDC
– Fiona Price (Asbestos Officer)