Asbestos Surveys and Reinspections with Bellrock – A Case Study

Below you will find details of our survey and reinspection project with property and facilities management company Bellrock.


Bellrock provide arms length facility management services to a range of clients from colleges, retail, insurance and hospitality.

Bellrock employ Acorn on various contracts to ensure that the end user client is asbestos compliant.


Full consultancy services

Acorn complete asbestos surveys and reinspections across the UK and Ireland for various clients. New asbestos surveys are usually undertaken because the client is looking at or has purchased a new property for their portfolio. As the sites, can be anywhere across the country they are serviced from either our Northampton or Leeds offices.

Reinspection checks

Once the surveys have been completed they then fall into the annual reinspection category whereby we complete a yearly condition check of any asbestos items at the sites. The previous report is compared against the asbestos containing material to check for any signs of deterioration. We always update the photograph of the item and when asbestos has deteriorated or damage has occurred the surveyor also makes appropriate notes.


Acorn manage the entire process

This is then passed onto the remedial team to deal with whereby Acorn prepare a specification for the works and arrange for suitable contractors to provide quotes. When the works are undertaken Acorn manage the process and also provide analytical support to ensure everything is safe upon completion.

Full turnkey service

We provide the specialist additional services that are required by the end user client. Having worked within the education, retail and hospitality sectors for a number of years Acorn fully understand the needs of their businesses. We plan our works around the stores and restaurants busy periods on a day to day and annual basis to ensure that the stores trading is never affected by our works.


Since working with Acorn they have exceeded the council’s expectations with their high standards and innovative working methods.

– Fiona Price (Asbestos Officer)