Asbestos Consultancy -Case Study


At Acorn Analytical Services we work in partnership with our clients to deliver asbestos consultancy services on time and in budget.

We solve all asbestos headaches without additional costs, delays or nasty surprises.

Our asbestos consultancy services are used to advise and guide our clients enabling them to understanding their legal requirements when it comes to the management of their asbestos.

Case Study - Bellrock


Who are Bellrock?

Bellrock provide arms length facilities management services to a range of clients from colleges, retail, insurance and hospitality. They provide peace of mind through compliant facilities and property management services delivered by their technology led professional expertise.


How do we help Bellrock?

Whilst assisting their own clients Bellrock require partnership working with an asbestos consultancy who are able to complete surveys and asbestos management services across the UK and Ireland to ensure end client asbestos compliance.



Asbestos Consultancy

To ensure Bellrocks clients are meeting their legal responsibilities in regards to asbestos management we provide a full asbestos consultancy service, advising and guiding on best practice and efficient asbestos management alongside asbestos surveys and re-inspections. Using our nationwide coverage from our northern and southern based offices, we are able to meet the widespread requirements of Bellrock, moving with them according to their client location and requirements.


Automatic Re-inspection Schedules

Once surveys have been completed they are added to our re-inspection database. This database ensures that annual re-inspections are completed to check the condition and monitor deterioration of asbestos found on site. This service ensures long term client compliance and meets the regulations regarding asbestos management.

Industry Experts

Our industry knowledge and experience means that we have strong links in the asbestos industry and use these to identify asbestos removal contractors suitable for remedial works. We prepare the specification  and arrange for a selection of quotes from leading contractors which Bellrock review and appoint to complete the works. To ensure safe working we manage the remedial works process on behalf of Bellrock, working with the selected removal contractor providing expert analytical support to ensure safe completion of works.

Out of Hours Working

Our experience working in the education, retail and hospitality sectors means that we understand that surveys, re-inspections and remedial works must be carried out at a time convenient to the end client. We regularly complete works outside of normal client trading hours and through the night where required, ensuring their customers experience is not affected by our presence.

If you require asbestos consultancy advice and guidance, please get in touch with us today to find out how we will assist with your asbestos compliance.


Since working with Acorn they have exceeded the council’s expectations with their high standards and innovative working methods.
Case Study - Bellrock
– Fiona Price (Asbestos Officer)